makeup artist zoe bag brush set

The ideal brush set for true makeup lovers and professional makeup artists! Discover a collection of carefully curated vegan ZOEVA brushes in a special, limited-edition design, stored in our Together We Celebrate Zoe Bag.

Brush Set



Pro Kit

Spacious, professional makeup bag that includes a variety of makeup brushes for all your favorite looks.

Handmade with premium components

Vegan, with pure synthetic high-quality hair.

Limited-Edition Design

Set includes 12 face and 12 eye brushes with rose-golden brush ferrules and berry-red handles – A feast for the eyes.

Free From Disposable Plastic

Brush protector is made of paper.

What Is It?

This season, our beloved **ZOEVA Makeup Artist Zoe Bag** is part of the **vegan and limited Together We Celebrate collection** featuring a set of 24 hand-crafted brushes with rose-golden ferrules and berry-red brush handles. With this carefully curated collection of 12 face and 12 eye makeup brushes, the set is designed to help you create timeless looks all year long. To keep your brushes safe, this set comes with a matching carry-all tote bag, great for travel and storage. Together We Celebrate with our favorite brush collection! \nSet includes 24 vegan brushes: \n **For face:** \n **102 / FOUNDATION BLENDER:** \n For applying and blending foundation. \n **104 / FOUNDATION BUFFER:** \n For applying and blending foundation, powder and cream textures. \n **105 / HIGHLIGHT:** \n Smoothly applies and blends highlighter. \n **108 / POWDER BLENDER:** \n For applying loose or pressed powder. \n **110 / PRIME & TOUCH-UP:** \n Applies and blends primer, concealer and foundation to touch up your look. \n **114 / DETAIL SETTING POWDER:** \n Precisely applies and builds highlighter and setting powder. \n **126 / BLUSH BLENDER:** \n Seamlessly blends blush, contour and bronzer with ease. \n **127 / BLUSH & CONTOUR:** \n Defines, blends and builds up blush, bronzer or contour. \n **129 / FAN:** \n Applies and diffuses highlighter. Gently removes fall-out. \n **134 / DETAIL HIGHLIGHT:** \n Softly diffuses highlighting or setting powder for an even finish. \n **135 / T-ZONE BLENDER:** \n Applies and blends cream and powder textures in the t-zone with precision. \n **142 / CONCEALER BUFFER:** \n Softly buffs, blends and builds up concealer into the skin. \n **For eyes and brows:** \n **221 / CREASE BLENDER:** \n Blends and builds up eyeshadow in the crease. \n **225 / DETAIL CREASE BLENDER:** \n Adds natural dimension to the crease for any eye look. \n **227 / EYESHADOW BLENDER:** \n Applies, blends and builds up eyeshadow on the eyelid and in the crease. \n **228 / CREASE DEFINER:** \n Application of eyeshadows in the crease, for smooth transitions. \n **230 / DETAIL SMOKY BLENDER:** \n Places, smudges and blends powder eyeshadow with the precision of a pencil. \n **231 / DETAIL CREASE DEFINER:** \n Precise application of eyeshadow in the crease, for definition and dimension. \n **234 (2x) / SMOKY SHADER:** \n Easily picks up eyeshadow and builds up and blends on the eyelid. \n **238 / DETAIL SMOKY LINER:** \n Applies and blends eyeshadow with precision for a smoky eyeliner look. \n **239 / SMOKY BLENDER:** \n Blends eyeshadow for a smoky effect. \n **317 / WING LINER:** \n Creates any eyeliner look with ease. \n **322 / BROW LINER:** \n Creates a variety of natural or bold eyebrow looks. \n Content: 24 Brushes + 1 Makeup Tote Zoe Bag. Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted and made in China. Product Code: SBE24Z8

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