• Made for professional as well as private use, the ZOEVA Brush Belt was designed to keep your makeup brushes, tools and accessories organized. The interior offers plenty of pockets which easily fit all of your brushes plus makeup items like mascara, lipsticks and liners. Equipped with an easy-to-clean surface and a convenient protective flap, your brushes will stay dust-free while your clothes are protected from getting stained in return.

  • Thanks to an adjustable strap, the ZOEVA Brush Belt comfortably wears around the waist. With the hook-and-loop fastener closed around the front of the belt you can also position the brush belt on your makeup table and store all your makeup tools and items in one case.

  • 1 Brush Belt (without content)

    Belt size: 38 x 24.5 cm

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  • Content; 1.00 pc(s), Base price: €25.00 / 1.00 pc(s), Product-Code: ZB001

About Zoe Boikou

Meet the founder

Having transformed herself from a makeup consumer to the CEO of a global beauty brand, Zoe Boikou is a true entrepreneur. Born in Greece, Zoe moved to Germany with her family at age 10, where she later discovered a lack of high-quality, reasonably priced makeup brushes on the market. Taking matters into her own hands, she began selling makeup brushes on eBay in 2008.

A decade later, ZOEVA’s collection has grown from 10 brushes to nearly 300 makeup products and tools, and Zoe remains as committed as ever to creating quality products at a reasonable price and helping women around the world celebrate their individual beauty.