315 fine liner brush

This innovatively shaped handle helps you to easily and comfortably apply a precise eyeliner. Vegan.

Face Brush

Classic - Silver ferrule with a black wooden handle




To ensure the high quality and durability of your brush.

Best For

Get extra support to create a fine eyeliner with the angled handle.

Made Of

Pure synthetic hair.

Applies Best

Gel, cream and liquid as well as powder textures.

Brush Shape

Tiny, thin tip, angled handle for extra support to precisely apply gel, cream and liquid eyeliner.

Pro Tip

Hold the brush in different angles to reach areas that are usually hard to reach, such as the inner eye corner.

What Is It?

Get extra support to create a fine eyeliner with the angled handle of our **vegan ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner brush**. Thanks to its tiny, thin tip, angled handle and pure synthetic hair, this professional eyeliner brush provides extra support and allows you to apply gel, cream and liquid eyeliner textures with precision on the dot – even in the waterline. Handcrafted with love. Content: 1 Brush. Full length: 15.5 cm. Hair: pure synthetic hair. Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted and made in China. Product Code: SB315

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